Unemployed? Or just looking for a new job opportunity? Now you can find all of your options in just one place. Now is the time to open the door to a new career path.
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We are the solution. We pride ourselves in getting you the information you need in your area, as well as providing alternate options you may have never known about or even considered.
“Average Job Search Now Runs Longer Than Unemployment Benefits”

“Identifying the sources of your passion can help you get the right job and captivate interviewers.”

These days, the job market is brutally competitive. The more skills, education and knowledge you have the better your chance at getting a job – and a high-quality, high-paying job at that.

Take advantage of tools like:

Financial Aid for School – Get money, get an education and get on the path to your dream job.

Resume building – Learn valuable tips and formats to help build the perfect resume that’ll stand out, impress and land you a great job.

Software training – Most jobs require various software skills. Get training on the most commonly used computer programs and raise your market value.

Communication skills – Find out the best ways and methods to interacting with employers face-to-face or over email and phone.

Interviewing skills – Learn tips and tricks to give you better insight into preparing for, behaving during and inevitably straight-up rocking an interview.

Finding a new job is incredibly exhausting and time consuming. Plus, you need much more than just experience and a strong handshake. That’s why we’ve put all the right information and tools in one place, making it easier and faster to find more available opportunities and increase your chances of getting hired.

USJobResource.com is a one-stop shop to connect with thousands of different job opportunities and job search engines all in one spot. Upload your resume, search for jobs in your area, build a quality resume, learn valuable skills, receive training and ultimately find the perfect job.

Never limit yourself. We’re here to give you the resources and tools to help you find and land the right job.